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Annoymous chat

Kaplan is no longer involved with the company. BTW, the anonymous functionality is available for polls, but you are really looking into a form of gathering unstructured information questions from the employees. It all looks like random characters and garbage.

Hope this helps to shed a light. Kaplan, who has also helped create ventures like AdBrite and worked on services like TinyLetter, the service is still a pet project. More than a decade ago, he also ran an Internet messaging board.

Annoymous chat

His service, called Anonyfish, lets people create a user name that they can share with those they want to communicate with and then gives them access to a simple inbox for exchanging messages. So Philip Kaplan, a serial entrepreneur and a Secret user, cobbled together a simple and free service called Anonyfish that allows people to send private, anonymous messages to each other.

But Mr.

Annoymous chat

This answer has been deleted. Not long after its launch, however, Blippy accidentally exposed some sensitive information and the company eventually pivoted into another service for real-time mobile auctions, although Mr. But for now, said Mr.

Kaplan was also involved with an early version of a company called Blippy, a start-up that let people publish their credit card purchases online. Cheers, Add a Comment Help aurora escorts cityvibe improve this answer by adding a comment If you have a different answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the instead. At least the manual does not mention anything.

Annoymous chat

Credit Secret, the popular mobile application, lets people share their deepest, darkest — and occasionally funniest — confessions anonymously, with their friends. It was introduced in February and hosts around messages each day. This answer has been undeleted. Kaplan says he hopes that Anonyfish eventually extends to other services or is used for any interactions where both parties may be reluctant to annojmous their names or personal information.

The service is largely intended for people who use Secret, Mr. At some point, Mr. More than 20, usernames have been registered through the site.

Annoymous chat

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