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The camshaft is partially hollow and allows this. In the meantime the original log book for my donor bike had been acquired but little else in the way of progress until the middle of I ran a site with a central stores and three teams one of which carried out overhead line maintenance, the second sub station remote control wiring and interconnecting etc.

To be continued A quick look after taking the cylinder head off revealed a holed piston.

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John apart from working in the family Stove enameling business is an cat enthusiast of all cars and pedal cars and a keen cyclist as well. I needed a chat, and at a country fair near Ashover in the stationary engine section, I met a man, who seeing my crash helmet asked if I would like to buy another bike a BSAno forks or wheels and currently being used as a home made cultivator on florence escorts allotment.

At the time I had a small engineering factory making electronic magnetos under the BT-H name, so had CNC facilities and lots of other toys to play with. I made hundreds of them for a well known Vincent parts supplier in Wales.

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I found out what sort of tooling was needed to produce magneto end covers to start with and being an ex-toolmaker set to and made the chucks to suit Miller and some Lucas Magneto points covers. I would like to make the unit QD like a magneto, with the facility to experiment cchat different balance weights to try and counteract char of the remaining primary forces. The bike has now done circa Each part could be removed from its tool without problem.

When I cast the crankcases I had waterford prostitution tarif sets made.

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I first deed and drew an engine on my CAD, but the problem was the crankcases. This comprised two spinnings with a riveted on fixing arm and the cover held on with four SS screws and nuts with spring washers. I ended up making Miller and Lucas headlight rims, a few headlight shells and Riley side lights complete with bayonet fittings. Various cyat were used, often the knocker-up would use a long pole.

Now many manufacturers use a degree crank red head escort the new Triumph Bonneville range, dhat new Royal Enfield twin and the reincarnated Norton twin.

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Ray came up trumps and did a 221 job. This had a different drive to the cams and the capacity was over cc. Keeping any old bike running well can be time consuming especially when you mistress jenny asking it consistently to run flat out as happens on track.

Who did we know that could weld aluminium?

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The second set of cases were made into an engine based on two ES2 Nortons. This is another story though. First I thought I should remind those who read about it the first time and for those who have no idea what the VNH is a reminder of how it started before I get into where I am now. After a chhat of looking and thinking I decided to contact Adrie and ask if I could make the welded castings into chats and cast some stronger cases with certain parts built mature chat asheville for strength and machining purposes.

Metal Spinning and use in vintage motorcycle parts.

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One of the activities in the workshop was to manufacture control desks and cubicles for the power industry. Now I needed new rims as these are larger than the x 85s. Another item I must have made many hundreds of were holders in brass, I show the original for them in my pictures.

It had come from a VMCC vintage racer who had kept the forks and front wheel for his racing bike. Unfortunately there is no similar "easy cure" for climate change.

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Where to find replacement 48 hole rims for 26 x 3 tyres? Great, I now had a pair of WW1 green wheels with the original size rims, so new tyres seemed a good idea. Answers by to: edgrew virginmedia.

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This was not a problem as I didn't want them anyway. And remember, stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane! Acetylene rim and alloy reflector, Douglas parts and misc. Most materials can be metal spun, but some are very difficult to spin like Stainless steels, which need constant annealing even with special high ductility spinning metals.

Help was enlisted from the VMCC community. cchat

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Things progressed and I advertised in Old Bike Mart. I did manage a few simple jobs, but nothing worthwhile.

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The late Ken Hallworth asked me to do an article which I did and soon orders and enquiries developed into many other projects. My time has been taken up by other things, but I hope to have a crack at fitting chhat crank speed balance shaft in the position of the magneto some day.

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