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What could be a days-long, back-and-forth conversation through might instead be a minute chat.

Good live chat software will let the agent know where the customer is in the process and what they were doing before asking for help. In addition, Salesforce leverages the power of the Service Cloud, helpp you access to important tools like a knowledge base and pre-defined support messages, that let you assist your customers and close cases more quickly.

Chat for help

Live chat support is timely A customer who receives an excellent response to their enquiry in an hour or two may be satisfied with your service, but a customer who receives the exact same answer in real-time via a live chat will often be much happier because they can continue on with their task immediately. Chat is a comprehensive chat solution that makes it easy for you to support customers.

Chat for help

As a support agent, you assist dozens of customers with their support issues every day. That gives both parties a head start in understanding the problem and determining the solution. Rolling out live chat support requires some careful planning and intentional de. Let's get started.

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If your customer is considering making a purchase, renewing theiror asking for a refund, a solid answer provided quickly can make a real financial difference to your company. Effective support puts demands on the customer to explain their issue clearly and provide all the relevant details, tasks at which customers are not always experts.

Live chat support breaks those interactions into smaller chunks and allows hekp support agent to lead a customer through the process by asking the right questions in the right order. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to Chat, there are several tools at your disposal that make it easy to assist multiple customers at the same time with chat.

Live chat support definition, benefits, and best practices

Live chat support is conversational Many people are more comfortable expressing themselves through chat conversation than through more formal writing. That accessibility reduces customer effortan important factor in building customer loyalty.

Chat is fully integrated with the rest of Salesforce, making it easy for you to access all the information you need about your customers in a single workspace. Recommended Reading.

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