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Ghetto chat

He comes out with Nahahmed and Micheal says you not trying to speak hebrew. Just showing you how much london changed.

Ghetto chat

Flag report sent! Yh, i copied and paste these, i would add lo more.

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Please tell us what you find inappropriate about this chat room. More and more police officers are becoming corrupt anyways, only means gangs can abuse it and pay them off.

Ghetto chat

Seriously, all I hear is Fam. Something only a few people know about is nahahmed, it's from a episode of My wife and kids when tony was trying to act cool and Micheal was trying to get him to say ynah'mean.

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Ghetto ballin'

Now its all taken over by black youths. Most frequent word I hear these days is fam.

Ghetto chat

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Ghetto chat

They say london will be over runned by gangs inwe'll see The film was shit, gangs run london atm they just don't sex chatrooms free it in public. I bet a geeky middle age white male wrote this quoting on what he hears kids saying but it took him 5 years to write up, which is why its so outdated.

I would seriously get bored going through words and add them, thetto enough if you copy and pasted this. Was runned by white people, soo many white people in london.

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