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Often found on inland fresh-water lakes and ponds, this species also inhabits brackish estuarine waters. Gowanloch, La. Dex Great Egret nests in all weland habitat types, including the barrier islands. Although there are at least twenty winter records, and although the Yellow-crowned Night Heron seems to be more regular in winter than ly, it should nonetheless be considered unexpected.

They have become quite regular among the huge flocks of Snow Geese in the rice fields of Southwest Louisiana, the frequency of their sighting correlating with the population explosion of Snow Geese. Stein reports that the Cinnamon Teal is in fact occasionally taken by hunters in the Laplace-Reserve-Labranche area, where it is known as "gingerbread duck. Flocks are reported to occur in the Chandeleurs in winter Smith, ; Bellrose gives 20, as a typical wintering population for Chandeleur Sound.

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They may also nest, as they have in the past, on Isle Derniere, or neighboring islands in Terrebonne Parish. In Southeast Louisiana the Green-winged Teal is most often encountered in rather small s, but sometimes in large concentrated flocks. Tammany Parish. Except for an undated December record of a bird shot near Labranche in the early 's fide RJSthis species went unrecorded from until February Beyer claimed that this species bred at Madisonville inbut there has been no escorts crescent city saguenay hint of breeding in southeast Louisiana, nor any recent nesting records for Louisiana.

Also of f historical interest are the records of 6 at Venice on Sep. Other places include the Fourchon Rd. - clip1angel lähteet ja tiedot.

Married Japanese mom looking for female Japanese companion Vent, Bridgeport. Beginning with a record in September Sept. It is reportedly regular offshore in Mississippi Sound. Although this extraordinary bird is not known to breed in Louisiana, it is present from April to November along the coast, sometimes in large s. It primarily inhabits fresh and brackish estuarine marshes and bays, and is not one of the puddle ducks likely to be seen on the waters of the gulf. - clip1angel lähteet ja tiedot.

Although ificant s of geese--mostly Snow Geese--winter in southeast Louisiana, they are usually not accessible to the birder without the means to venture well into the marsh to favorite feeding locations. Although the breeding of this species at Marquesas Keys, Fla. Expected dates of occurrence are April 1 to November 1. The 10 records of this species make it the least common of the madiwonville in recent years; see however, the discussion in Lowery Plegaids colonies vary in size from less than to more than breeding pairs.

Since Hurricane Camille inmost visits by Louisiana observers have been from the south, i.

Summer records in the New Orleans area--especially City Park--are rare, but not unprecedented. Audubon wrote that they were "one of the commonest of the geese in the New Orleans markets during the winter.

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The available records span the period November 5at the Rigolets to March 12at Cubit's Gap. Neither species is frequently seen near the coast in the vicinity of Grand Isle, although they breed together on islands in Barataria Bay.

Frequently its calls are heard overhead at night during migration. It is the smallest of North American ducks.

There is one mid-winter record, from Grand Isle, on Expected dates are November swx to March 20; while the earliest date of fall arrival is Oct. Observers should look for Ross's Geese, which are now being found regularly in southwest Louisiana. According to Bellrose there was a great increase in wintering of Blue-winged Teal in coastal Louisiana from the 's on.

Naperville ivy escort are on the madionville of 2 acres in extent. Masage fuck - juneau cock. Quite amazingly, the second record was hardly over a month later: a female seen and photographed by O'Meallie on Curlew Island on June 11, madisonvilel Small s of Green Herons briefly Green-backed are recorded in winter, mostly in the vicinity of Venice. It nests commonly on the Chandeleurs, including Curlew and Breton Islands, has nested on marshy islands such as Lonesome I.

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Although there are no records of the very similar Masked Duck for this area, the possibility should be kept in mind. Expected dates are March 25 to October 25; extrreme dates of occurrence are Mar. In addition to the records quoted here, there is one undated record of Black Scoter from Lake Catherine by Gustav Kohn. Expected dates of occurrence are from October 10 to April 20 and extreme records are Vietnamese escorts in kelowna.

MALLARD Anas platyrhynchos Uncommon winter visitor Although on the order ofMallards winter in Louisiana Bellrose,the center kmm concentration is in the west-central part of the state, and it is a somewhat uncommon bird in Southeast Louisiana, one that is often seen singly or in very small s.

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